Content Creation

Imagine a whole new way to tell a story. Where the audience can go beyond reading or listening and be transported into the tale. Where they can get up close to their heroes and interact with them.

HoloLive One opens up the possibility to take people into the story, for an engaging and immersive experience like no other.

A new level of interactivity

Offering an enhanced augmented reality experience, HoloLive One takes the marketing experience to new levels of interactivity.

The software provides the means to capture reality live, recording it or live streaming it to mobile devices through a web browser or smartphone application.

Vibrant, memorable experiences…

With the aid of high quality volumetric video, the viewer is able to engage in a more memorable and vibrant experience, well beyond the capabilities of two-dimensional storytelling.

… at the swipe of a finger

The 3D hologram provides the user with the chance to live the story, to get up close to the action and thoroughly engage. The experience is intuitive, allowing the viewer to zoom in and out and to view the authentic hologram from all angles, with the simple swipe of a finger.