Holoportation has great potential for businesses across all sectors. The possibilities are almost endless; holoportation can be used to enhance anything from a celebrity performance to a keynote address to a sales pitch or virtual event.

Enhanced collaboration in the virtual world

Hololive One provides the opportunity to bring your stakeholders – colleagues, clients, performers – together in the virtual world for an enhanced collaborative experience.

Live streamed into the metaverse

Moving beyond the limitations of the conventional 2D experience, the software real-time captures a 3D representation of a virtual speaker and streams it live into the metaverse. Here, simply wearing a VR headset, your audience can participate in a realistic, immersive experience.

Authentic immersion

The viewers’ engagement with the hologram will be as immersive as if they were there in person. They will be free to walk around within the virtual world that you have created, connecting with, and viewing the authentic hologram from every perspective.