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Imverse provides businesses with live streaming, volumetric video technology that enables 3D holographic images of people, objects and environments to be beamed into the metaverse from any office, home or other location

Top Management

2 real-time volumetric video pioneers.

Javier Bello Ruiz (CEO) and Robin Mange (CTO)
co-founded Imverse in 2017.

Their vision is to democratize volumetric live content for enterprises.

With Imverse HololiveOne, their revolutionary voxels software, they offer the most compatible and accessible software for all real-time 3D holographic experiences for consulting and platform providers, large hardware developers and infrastructure and telecom groups.

At EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), our two technology experts gained knowledge in virtual reality, cognitive science, video capture and voxels.

Since then, they have been working hand in hand with large technology corporations to develop video technology that enables more immersive, engaging interactions and helps to connect real and virtual worlds by allowing people, places and things to be more authentically represented in the metaverse or 3D devices and platforms.