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Imverse is proud to present HoloLive One, an enterprise end-to-end platform tailored for use cases across all sectors. Imverse has developed its solution with the aim to make volumetric video technology widely available, scalable, and affordable to business.
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Real time human
holograms in XR

Imverse’s HoloLive software captures and live streams volumetric video, allowing the seamless transition between the real world and extended reality (XR) environments.

Replacing 2D cameras with depth cameras, it becomes possible to integrate the self into virtual scenarios. With our patented voxel engine, rendering takes place in an instant, allowing the hologram to be streamed in real time from any location, delivering reality as it happens.


HoloLive One paves the way to enhanced collaboration and deeper personal connection. Replacing avatars with authentic human holograms, the solution presents the virtual world in a manner aligned with our understanding of the physical world. In this way, HoloLive One offers an immersive experience with higher engagement and increased visual attention, streamlining interaction, and building trust.

An enterprise 
focused solution

The solution is enterprise focused, with relevant licensing and a competitive pricing model, add-on support and simple integration with existing infrastructure.

With HoloLive One, Imverse is arming business with the means to:

  • radically transform team communications
  • engage an audience with holoportation
  • enhance XR experience
  • revolutionise training.

Thanks to cloud rendering and native integrations, the HoloLive solution is compatible with AR, VR, Web, and Mobile devices with the aid of a straightforward desktop application and a set of plugins to different platforms, including Unity.

Positioning - focused on Enterprises and commercial content creators who want to create live XR content and demonstrate business value.

Affordability - our product is four times more affordable than competitors with an entry price point for enthusiasts and academics to help drive broader market adoption.

Usability - simplified user experience for creators, while making consumption more accessible to create multiple use cases and scenarios.

Compatibility - integration with our Unity plugin enables you to fine-tune Hologram recording and playback for creating live XR experiences while being consumed by any device.

Quality - unlike point clouds and polygons, our patented voxel engine is adaptive to control Hologram quality and optimized for ML, AI, and cloud rendering to any device.



For a majority of use cases that need full-body capture and require HD live streaming with synchronized video and audio across any device. Create your own studio with up to five depth cameras and build XR experiences for your customers and co-workers.
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USD 10,800 per year
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For select volumetric use cases that need head or torso capture and require live streaming across any device. With a single depth camera, no calibration is needed, deploy on a gaming laptop and start today.
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USD 1,350 per year
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Kit (optional)

For customers who want portability and start straight away by saving time in procuring trusted equipment while knowing their HoloLive software is preloaded and their hardware is preconfigured. Each kit is packaged in a flight case for easy transportation and offers an out-of-the-box “setup and go” experience. Each kit is customizable and can come with a high-spec PC and up to five depth cameras.
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