As a communications tool, HoloLive One has the power to bring people together, even when they are far apart. A solution for the global age in which we are living, HoloLive One perfectly complements the remote collaboration that is increasingly a feature of modern business practices.

A solution for today’s world of work

Working from home and other locations is becoming increasingly embedded in our work culture. At the same time, growing awareness of sustainability issues often requires reduced travel. Meanwhile, the world of work is becoming increasingly international. Such matters raise important questions for the contemporary business operation. After all, direct communication and personal connection remain important features for any enterprise.

Breaking barriers

Using three cameras, HoLolive One captures the human form in detail, creating an authentic hologram. Live streamed, the volumetric human emerges realistically from a 3D screen without the need for glasses or a headset, creating the sensation that the person is in the room with you and breaking down barriers.

Building connection & trust

The result is natural, one-to-one communication at a distance. With enhanced focus, improved eye contact and readily expressed body language, HoloLive One creates a personal connection and builds immediate trust during bi-directional calls.