The day Imverse won a best of innovation CES award

Why the CES is a must for the high-tech world. 

The CES Innovation Awards programme is an annual competition that recognises outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The programme recognises winners in a variety of product categories and awards the top-rated in each category. In 2021, Imverse was awarded the Best of Innovation Award for its real-time video capturing and rendering software. A proprietary platform based on Voxel technology.

What an adventure!

Swiss Startup Imverse

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings together the world’s biggest companies and the most innovative products in the technology industry. It’s an event that European start-ups can not afford to miss. They flock to Las Vegas in droves, hoping to make a name for themselves.

For a Swiss startup like Imverse, CES was a great opportunity to expand our reach and meet potential partners in the industry.

Our hard work paid off when we saw our project being set up and the sheer number of CES virtual visitors. With so much competition, we had to make sure our product was noticed by the right people and stood out from the crowd.

The fact that we won this award is thanks to the quality of our software based on Voxel technology. Let us explain better what voxels are.

Imverse startup

What are voxels?

Voxels are three-dimensional pixels used by Imverse for 3D graphics and audio recordings and live streaming. Think of them as tiny virtual cubes that contain data that determines the shape of a 3D object or sound wave. To add realism to 3D objects, voxels are often used in games and other 3D applications.

A greater realism

Voxels have several advantages over traditional 3D modeling methods. First, they allow for greater realism and detail than polygons and other methods. Voxels are also resolution independent, meaning they can be scaled up or down with relative ease. This makes them ideal for creating real-time 3D scenes with complex detail. In addition, Imverse’s software has various tools and functions that facilitate the editing of voxels, making it easier for you to edit and refine the final image.

Better texturing and coloring surfaces

Voxels are also suitable for texturing and colouring surfaces.

They are also used in some video game graphics, although they are less common than other options such as polygons.

Voxel-based graphics are also useful for creating landscapes, as they can represent a wide range of terrain types, from rolling hills and lush forests to rugged mountain peaks and arid deserts. In addition, their small size makes it easier to create a larger terrain without requiring large amounts of computing power. They can also be used to create less conventional landscapes, such as alien planets, underwater scenes and abstract environments. As a result, voxel-based graphics are often used to create more immersive and visually rich game environments.

We use this technology to holoport the real you into the metaverse, i.e. any virtual world or VR platform, VR headsets, AR experiences or 3D screens that do not require a headset.


Real-time voxels 3d filming software is a powerful and easy-to-use software that Imverse can use to create high-quality 3d voxel videos. It is ideal for creating 3d videos of your projects, products or ideas. With the Real-time voxels 3d filming software you can create 3d videos in a few minutes without having to use any other software.

And the Winner is… “Imverse!”

There is great joy in winning a technology award. It’s recognition for the hard work you have done, and if you are able to convert contacts into real partners and funders, that’s a success in itself. The feeling of having achieved something and knowing that your work is making a difference is incredibly satisfying.

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